Covert Vehicle Surveillance

Covert Vehicle Surveillance is one of our most used services. Inside one of our covert vehicles we can hold on agent for up to a couple of weeks, thus gaining the evidence you need for proof in court

The Uses for Covert Vehicle Surveillance:

The Advantages of Covert Vehicle Surveillance;

  • Remaining Covert for Long Periods of Time
  • Gain Excellent Video and Photographic Evidence
  • No Direct Involvement with the Subject of Enquiry


We don’t just jump in the back of a vehicle and stick our camera out the window.

We don’t come up with excuses as to why the surveillance cannot be done.

We don’t pass the job down the line through many agents until you get someone that knows what they are doing.


If you deal with us, you deal with experienced surveillance specialists that will get you the evidence you require

Our covert surveillance vehicles are all bespoke to fit in to any surroundings. With the ability to blend in we can deploy within 24 hours for long periods of time.

All covert vehicle surveillance tasks are carried out by our own agents.

We don’t need to have “local” knowledge of the area.

We don’t need to know if the pub down the road has a bad reputation.

We carry out all our own reconnaissance work beforehand to try and avoid any possible issues, this will in some circumstances involve a visit to the location.