Rural Surveillance

What is Rural Surveillance (CROP)?

Observations generally conducted within the rural environment. The term ‘CROP’ (Covert Rural Observation Post) is normally used by the Police and ‘RURAL’ normally used by the Military

When is Rural Surveillance (CROP) used?

There are many occasions when dedicated rural surveillance teams have deployed within the UK and overseas. The UK has many remote locations which cannot be effectively monitored from a vehicle or building. Private surveillance UK has also deployed Rural CROP Surveillance teams into the urban environment such as Central London and even some case parks.

There are many websites who profess to have or be rural experts. This is simply not the case. Being Ex Military or Police does not make you an expert. Rural CROP Surveillance within the Military or Police is a very specialised and a niche trade. There are no ‘credible’ civilian training courses able to teach rural surveillance to the correct level in order to fully prepare an individual to have ‘all’ the skills required.

We will not post or sub-contract your investigation on to unsecure forum groups, to amateurs, which is common practice within the private investigation industry. Read the facts about Private Investigators to find out how the industry really works.

Conducting our own investigation means you can be sure your private information is safe with us.

Our operators are; trained to an exceptionally high standard, qualified and experienced.

We use professional grade equipment.

We sign a Non-Disclosure agreement which means all your private information is 100% safe.

  • Cable Theft
  • Fly Tipping
  • Illegal Burning Sites
  • Rural Crime
  • Opencast Fraud & Theft
  • Fuel Theft
  • Opencast & Quarry Theft & Fraud
  • Assist Personal Injury Fraud Invesigations
  • Assist Income Protection Fraud Investigations
  • Assist Protective Surveillance