Private Surveillance UK

Private Surveillance UK

Private Surveillance UK is widely regarded in the UK and internationally for its professional service and ability to adapt to any situation without compromising the great results we achieve.

We have been carrying out Private Surveillance Investigations for many years working with most of the well-known “Private Investigations Companies” taking care of their assignments, completing tasks for high profile clients and many of the top 500 companies in the UK.

It is now we have decided to offer our services directly to the private and commercial sector.

We are not your “run of the mill” private investigator company, we are a professional “surveillance” company offering an incomparable service.

Our in-house team are highly trained in military operations and have actively trained other military soldiers the act of Covert Surveillance Operations in Combat, of which include training sniper divisions to carry out successful tasks in the field in actual real life situations, there really is no higher trained personnel, accompanied with the experience gained in real life and death situations.

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