Medical Fraud/False Injury Claims

How we can help with medical fraud/false injury claims

At Private Surveillance UK our teams are widely regarded in the UK and internationally for its professional service and ability to adapt to any situation without compromising the great results we achieve.

Private surveillance UK uses surveillance teams that collect unbiased, courtroom-admissible evidence quickly and efficiently for hundreds of Property and Casualty clients. Using covert video surveillance, we can capture a claimant’s exact activities and give you the information you need to make an informed claim decision.

Our staff of surveillance specialists is the largest and most experienced video surveillance team in the industry. Every investigator completes a comprehensive training and continuing education program and uses technologically advanced surveillance equipment.

Private surveillance UK provides results that paint a clear, objective picture of a claimant’s activity over a specified time frame. Are an individual’s activities consistent with a claimed disability or injury? We provide all of the information necessary to make the call. You can also specify how you’d like to receive the footage – via our secure digital transfer site, email, CD or DVD.