Surveillance Equipment

The “Surveillance Equipment” is not just having the latest camera or the best vehicles; it is having the knowhow and the understanding of how it all works. So our surveillance equipment is not only keeping up to date with all the latest technology, but having our agents kept up to date as well, our agents are the main part of our Surveillance Equipment.

Unlike most companys here at Private surveillance UK we do all our own work and do not sub contract it out
To understand a good Covert surveillance operative is to understand the type of equipment he uses, a good Covert surveillance operative should be flexible,professional and have a high level of integratie.Be able to use various types of technical covert equipment.

Technical tracker panel for when a covert surveillance operative deployings a covert vehicle tracker.Can read and understand to enable operative to follow Subjects vehicle any where it goes at long distance.

Tracker comes with charging dock

Able to deploy a Covert vehicle tracker to any vehicle at short notcie, knowing and under most moden vehicle and the areas to place the covert vehicle tracker with out it been found or detected


Our team is made up of Ex military snipers Who are use to waiting for long period of time for the subject to turn up.
static surveillance is a waiting game and if you take your eye of the target area for 1 second you could end up bolewing the hole operation.

All our operatives have a full understanding of all our covert camera systems. Some times these have to be deployed at short notice.
Our systems are all built in house and depyloed by our own operratives

Spy Cameras

All our covert survellance operatives carry 2x camcorder Hdd one for short range work and the second for long distance.along with a covert hand held deives for the use in shops and public areas.Also 2 x covert vehicle trackers.
This is just a basic set up…