Vehicle Trackers & Asset Tags

Our Vehicle Trackers & Asset Tags.

Why we are the easiest company to deal with you vehicle trackers & asset tags?


All our Vehicle Trackers & Asset Tags along with our GPS Devices are all powered by lithium batteries and are fully wire free, no need to have costly installations via the vehicle battery or cutting in to wires to power.

They are easy to attach under the vehicle by the strong magnets or hide inside, thus being able to remove and use wherever you like, no need to purchase multiple units for multiple vehicles.

We have a range of trackers/tags to suit, from personal trackers for your loved ones with a battery life of 24-48 hours, up to our bespoke 3-6 month battery life to deploy on your vehicle/assets/large machinery to have peace of mind that in the unfortunate event that it gets stolen you know it will be recovered.

Using our Trackers can help with:

  • Insurance Premiums
  • Recovering Stolen Goods
  • Catching The Criminals
  • Monitoring Vehicles Mileage & Location
  • Most Importantly – Peace of Mind

What is included:

  • All our units come with 1 years full warranty
  • All our units come with 1 years full access to our Tracker Panel
  • All our units come with 1 years full support

You could have one of our units with you ready to go with full access to our tracker panel within 24 hours, you can just call or email and we will do the rest.

You will not be able to find a better priced tracker or asset tag offering the same as we do, this we can promise!

Just email or call us, we can have chat to discuss your needs and what tracker would best suit your task.


Covert vehicle tracking is very different from having a standard tracker installed in a car. We use the very latest military graded GPS tracking devices. They are small robust and can be discreetly placed in any vehicle without fear of being found. The trackers record all movements, speed, stops and location the vehicle has been too.

The GPS tracking device is fitted to the target vehicle in just a few short seconds and ideal if you wish to know where your spouse is or has been at any given time.

You will be able to see where your employee is going and coming from. In recent times with high fuel costs we have been able to save companies thousands of pounds in wasted fuel bills.

Machinery, plant and agriculture equipment is expensive and is stolen regularly, fitted with a GPS tracking device, you will soon know where it is if it goes missing and be able to secure a safe return quickly.

Our miniature GPS Asset Tracking Tags are of the latest Military Graded design, they are small robust and can be discreetly placed inside any Assets, inside any Copper Cabling, on Scrap Metal or on Vehicles without fear of being found.

Our Covert Trackers are totally wire free and stand alone without the aid of external battery power, they also record all movements, speed, stops and location where the stolen asset has been to, this will help identify location or storage areas and places where the assets are being sold from.

Simply by logging on via your PC, Laptop, Smart Phone or Tablet to our Mapping Panel with your unique password, you will be able to check the items progress 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

All evidence produced by our advanced Asset Tracker unit is backed up by a fully comprehensive report. These are provided to the highest standards and can be used in a court of law.

The Asset Tracker Tag GPS device is custom made to fit almost any item and in any situation.

The Asset Tag Tracker can be fitted to a Vehicle in just a few short seconds and ideal and ideal if you need the unit removed or fitted to multiple vehicles, saving money on multiple units.

Assets fitted with one of our Bespoke Asset Tracker GPS Device will be monitored and if your asset goes missing, you will be able to secure a safe return quickly.

Tracker Panel

Our unique tracker panel or App is live and can be accessed 24/7, you are able then to watch or monitor your Trackers in real time.
By using the tracker panel to its full use you can set up Various Geo Fences, set the tracker to 5 sec live reporting or 60 minutes
If you require the tracker to only work at different times of the day or evening then this can also be done in the tracker panel.
Ipads, Iphones, Androids, PC or Laptops are all compatible.
Using your chosen device, you are able to use our App, or just log on to our live Tracker panel 24/7, and check on your asset.

What is Geo Fencing

A Geo fence is an invisible fence or circle around items, property or person. You can set the fence as large or as small has you like. Once the fence has been set up you can have your alerts sent to 3 different mobile phones if you like, so if the tracker leaves that fence or enters a different fence you will be informed.

Roaming Sim Card

The SIM cards that are in all our trackers are roaming SIM cards, this means that they will automatically pick up the strongest signal within the area.

Image Of Our Tracking Panal

All Our Trackers Come With Thier Own Charging Dock Inclusive

One Of Our Smaller Trackers. Smaller than a packet of ciggarettes so can be used as a personal tracker or put inside your childs Backpack.

Assets Located With The Aid Of Our Asset Tags

Assets Located With The Aid Of Our Asset Tags

1 The Guardian Personal Tracker. 7 to 10 days
3 Month Plus.1
3 month plus
6 to 8 weeks.1
6 to 8 weeks
6 weeks.1
6 weeks